8 helpful tips for shitty sleepers!!

 Does it take you forever to fall asleep at night?  Are you a light sleeper where the neighbours snore from two houses down can wake you? Do you wake up in the wee hours of the night and struggle to get back to sleep? Do you struggle with an overactive brain? If you answered yes to any of these questions then come on down and join the “Shitty Sleepers” gang.

Shitty sleeping is something we hold close to our hearts but not in a good way. Our owner, Jodie, has been a shitty sleeper for as long as she can remember, the correct term of course being insomnia. At 30 years of age, it isn’t uncommon for her to be getting only 2-4 hours a night and if she wakes up in the middle of the night, she can kiss goodbye the idea of any more sleep because her body isn’t going to let her have ANY MORE SLEEP. After so many years of this, Jodie knew enough was enough and something had to be done to change this. She began experimenting with lots of different sleep remedies so say hello to EIGHT HELPFUL TIPS for anyone who is just as unfortunate in suffering from this ordeal. If you’re lucky, adopting only one of the below tips may help you get on top of your sleep but then you may be like Jodie who had to adopt all 8 of these before her sleeping pattern finally returned to a regular 7-8 hours. Note: These helpful hints aren’t in any particular order.

1. If you don’t have a “night time” routine, then we suggest you start one.

After many years of reading up on information for shitty sleepers, it always seemed to come back to having a “night time” routine. The thought of a night time routine sounds ridiculous, however we used to have one as kids so why not as adults also? This “night time” routine works……..so although the idea of it perhaps sounds a bit silly, we’d highly recommend giving it a go. This routine is something you should repeat every night so your body associates it with “winding down for sleep time”.  Examples of a “night time” routine could be having a warm shower, brushing your teeth, getting into your jimmy jams, putting down your phone for the night and topping the night off with some reading before turning off your lights for hopefully a good night’s sleep. It’s the repetitiveness of this routine that is important.

2. No screen time before bed

If you’re one of those people that says “ohhhh I don’t really get that much screen time before bed” then it’s quite possible that you’re in fact fibbing to yourself. Screen time can be classified as not just your phone but your TV, laptop and IPAD just to name a few. Does anyone ever just pick up their phone for no reason at all then aimlessly scroll? Then pick your phone back up again 10 minutes later and do the same thing when reality is no-one has texted you or tagged you in anything of importance since the last time you checked. Screen time is a bad habit, and it’s something many of us suffer from in the social media world we live in today. A no screen time rule before bed will help you succeed in achieving a “night time” routine to ensure you’re “winding down for sleep time”. Screen time is only a stimulator and an omen for a bad night’s sleep so by putting that phone down or turning the TV off for at least an hour before your bed time you will allow yourself half a chance of clearing your mind and winding down for the night.

3. Rain/Thunder sounds 

Many people find the sound of rain or a thunderstorm relaxing and soothing especially when you’re all snuggled up in bed. If you head into the app store on your phone there are choices galore for you to pick from. We personally use the app called Rain Rain. You can choose the intensity of the storm you want to listen too, the type of sound you want to hear whether that’s rain, lightning, a storm etc and you can also set a timer so the rain sounds don’t drain your data all night.  One to two hours is usually the perfect time period allowing you to drift into a peaceful slumber. If rain sounds aren’t your thing, then there’s always other apps you can download that have other choices like the sound of whales, or the ocean etc.

4. Reading books

If you’re not a book reader then we don’t suggest you even bother giving this a go. Although, on the flip side this may work for you if you find reading boring as it might send you to sleep which is exactly what we want. Usually an enjoyable read for half an hour or so is enough for your eyes to start getting heavy allowing you to put your book down and drift off to sleep. If the opposite is happening and you’re reading for hours then put the book away and eliminate this helpful tip from your “night time” routine because it’s clearly not working for you.

5. Essential Oils & Mists

We were always unsure about the use of essential oils and mists but we are proud to announce we are changed ladies. We have only tried one company (The Goodnight Co) and let us tell you their products have been a game changer and now makes up part of our “night time” routine. Do yourself a favour and invest in the Sleep Mist (Sweet Dreams) which you spray onto your pillow so that you breathe in a soothing smell all night and the Essential Oil Roll On (Goodnight blend) which you roll onto your temple & pressure points to soak into your skin and do their magic. The great thing about this brand is that their products are affordable and you have the option to choose the size of the product. They have smaller size options of both products for you to trial with before you buy in bulk. Ever since we’ve used these products, we’ve had improved sleep, something we haven’t been used too in OH SO LONG

6. Staying up later

You always associate “bed time” with the same time every night. I bet you didn’t realise you even did this until we made you think about it. However, what happens if you just went to bed when you were actually tired? Does it matter if you go to bed at 10.30pm if that means you’re going to sleep through for 7-8 hours? Is there any point in going to bed at 9pm if you’re just going to lie there for a few hours until you fall asleep at 10.30pm? You might not need the recommended sleep time of 7-8 hours so why bother trying to force it. Everyone’s bodies are different and maybe the sleep amount required for your body is different to the recommended or the people around you.

7. Can you see the light?

If your room is dark, you’re more than likely to get a better night sleep. Light is a stimulator so if your room isn’t dark enough perhaps invest in some block out blinds or one of those cute little eye masks we always see on social media

8. Staying cool

Have you ever noticed that you sleep better during winter than you do in summer? The main reason behind this is probably because when it’s winter you have more things going in your favour like the rain sounds (YASSSS), darkness and definitely the coolness, whereas in summer you get more light and are more likely to be a hot sweaty mess during the night. Therefore, in summer we need to work harder to keep our bedrooms nice and cool. It is 100% easier to fall asleep when you’re comfortable and in a standard temperature.

So there you have it, some of our best tips for helping you get a better night sleep. Disclaimer: We are not specialists in this area, these helpful tips are based on our own personal experiences. You may find that some of these work for you, or you may find that none of these work at all which we sure hope isn’t the case. We would love to hear your stories on whether you adopted any of these tips and if they worked for you or we’d love to hear some of your best sleeping tips also.


Much love from the Akia Rose Activewear team xx