How to turn that frown upside down :)

We get it….times are incredibly tough right now. The unknown is always scary and for most of us being out of our comfort zone is not a nice place to be in. However, wouldn’t you rather embrace our new way of living, then resent it and fill your world with more negativity.

Sometimes it’s hard to change your mentality from a negative outlook to a positive outlook so we are bringing you some tips on some things that might help you make this change. 

  1. Make a new plan…..out with the old, in with the new we say. Work out what makes you happy and try and build that into your new lifestyle as much as possible.

  2. Call a friend or family member who always makes you smile. Bonus points if you video call because you’ll come away from the chat feeling like you actually spent some quality time with that person.

  3. Get outside and do some exercise. Fresh air does amazing things for the mind. It doesn’t need to be an intense workout; it can be just a nice walk around the suburbs.

  4. Do a little bit of self-care - paint your nails, put a face mask on, tint your eyebrows, put a hair mask on. We always feel a million bucks after we’ve practiced self-care so we highly recommend giving it a go.

  5. Watch an episode or two of your favourite TV shows or movies. We all have a favourite movie that we watch over and over again and it’s just gets better every time we watch it. Ours is White Chicks, what’s yours?

  6. Stop checking the news! It’s important to keep up to date but without the obsession. Minimise the amount of times you check the news throughout the day which will help eliminate any negativity creeping back into your day!

  7. Give yourself a purpose – create yourself a plan on what you’re going to do through this period. We highly recommend checking out our “What to do in ISOLATION” blog as adopting some of those things will help keep you motivated and aligned to your purpose.

 Much love from the Akia Rose Activewear team xx