Review on our Belrose Reversible leggings!

There’s a reason why these leggings are flying off the shelves and we’re going to share with you the many reasons why! They are the leggings where you can’t help but say “they’re reversible” when anyone compliments you on them. Kind of like when someone compliments you on your dress and you say “it’s got pockets” whilst proceeding to show them despite whether they actually asked or not. And with feedback like the following, we’re not surprised you LOVE these leggings.

“My fave leggings” “They feel like seamless” “I love that they are reversible” “I always get compliments on these leggings”

We took inspiration from our very first reversible legging by making our Belrose legging exactly the same style with a few minor tweaks. The waistband was made higher because #comfort and the prints were changed as we needed to bring out a new look. We wanted a pattern that had blue tones in it because blue seems to always be a hit and generally speaking the reversible side will usually be of darker tones so you have the best of both worlds. We do this to suit people’s moods and tastes. Those who are feeling bright and daring will usually wear the colour side, and those who need to hustle or prefer those darker tones in general will usually wear the darker side.

We remember shooting these for the very first time and just thinking YES, YES, YES!!! We were in Sydney, and we were shooting with the gorgeous Emma Claiir (@emmaclaiir). We were completely gobsmacked at how well the blue flower side photographed. Exactly how you see it in photos is exactly how amazing it is in real life. The white dot matrix pattern was popular in our Stony Rise reversible legging which is why it was a classic and we brought it back as one of the prints for the Belrose legging.  So we've given you a bit of background on why customer's love it and how the design came about but let's dive a little bit deeper into the leggings special features....

  1. One of the main features of these leggings is that they are REVERSIBLE. Akia Rose Activewear is the home of reversible leggings. We are incredibly proud and excited to be offering our customers such an exciting product. With reversible leggings, you get two looks for the price of one. What’s not to love!!
  2. They’re HIGH-WAISTED. Practically every legging on the market is now high-waisted and we totally understand why. They’re comfortable, and it also means you can wear a crop with your leggings without having to throw a top or jumper over the top. We have also had feedback from some customers that you can turn down the waistband if you don't like the high waist look. 
  3. They’re practically SEAMLESS (but they're not haha). One of the main received feedback on these leggings is that they "feel like seamless". With inverted stitching down the inner legs only, you wouldn’t even know or feel like there’s a seam. They hug your legs and provide that comfort that you get with seamless leggings! 
  4. These leggings come in TWO lengths - both full length and 7/8. This has been so well received and we totally understand why. It means you get to choose the perfect length for you. 

Another big plus to these leggings is that despite the reversible design feature, these leggings won’t set you back too much financially. They retail at $80 for the full-length version and $70 for the 7/8 version. That’s just $40 per side if you went with the full-length legging, or $35 if you chose the 7/8 legging. In fact, you won’t find ANYTHING over $80 on our website. Akia Rose Activewear have always pledged to keep their prices at an affordable price. If $80 isn't in your price bracket then never fear because there are still plenty of other options at a lower price bracket. There is something for EVERYONE!! 


Much love from the Akia Rose Activewear team xx